SaaS for online payments,

offering unmatched flexibility in integration and support to meet payment providers and online businesses needs

What is ECAPZ?

ECAPZ SaaS is not just another White Label solution out of the box. Our approach ensures that any upgrades and adjustments cater to your specific needs without causing significant changes or development complications.

The Easiest Possible Integration

Our payment gateway lets you accept and make payments using a JSON-formatted REST API. We use HMAC to authenticate entire request bodies. This approach is common in the payment industry.


Payins, Payouts, P2P, Invoices, Reports


Tell us about your provider and we will add it to our current infrastructure

Create a report with any parameters

And download it

View Historical Data

Data stores for 3 years

All fields

Reports include all information your provider is sharing with us

Full Support

Continuous availability of our technical team, operating in various time zones around the world

Add our support

to your technical chat with client and leave us to solve technical issues

Providers support

We take care of technical communication with your providers

How it Works?

Per SaaS model, we are responsible for hosting and managing the system, including on-demand integration of new payment methods the customer needs. This frees the customer from the technical burden and significantly reduces the entry barrier for small companies.


Order your own instance

So the payment service will be available at your domain


Suppliers and clients

Add our support to your providers and clients communications, so we can take care of integrations and technical support


And Ready To Play

Start making money and control accounting through reports


We provide technical solution and support with frees you from the technical burden and significantly reduces the entry barrier to start business.

  • Balances and over-spending prevention in case of payouts

  • Transaction queues and Technical ALerts

  • BIN/IIN targeting, routing, blacklisting

  • P2P and APM support

  • Multi-gateway execution: cascading and routing Multi-currency support

Easy to Start

Ready to go API to share with your merchants


We provide free support of our system and paid support for your merchants

Secure Panel

Control your clients transactions through secure panel

Fast Integrations

Integration of New provider for 1-2 days

Monitor Your Users and Transctions at One Place

Secure admin panel with all features for monthly statements

Price & Plans


0.2%/volume (success)

500 EUR/month

- 500 EUR Set Up Fee
- 500 EUR a month minimal fee
- 0.2% per success volume
- without support


0.2%/volume (success)

2000 EUR/month

- 500 EUR Set Up Fee
- 2000 EUR a month minimal fee
- 0.2% per success volume
- support included



10 000 EUR/month

Individual offer
for running business